Service Overview:

  • • This is not time to continue relying on spreadsheets to perform your governance, risk, and compliance management activities.
  • • Join other organisations that have set their business performances to the next level by automating their risk management through the easy to install and to rollout SERMS cloud-based risk management platform.
  • • SERMS provides flexible ways of working and risk management solutions that help organisations automate their governance, risk and compliance systems.
  • • SERMS is aligned to international risk management standards and can easily be configured to suit your organisation’s needs
  • • SERMS is a platform that integrate your risk management systems with strategic and operational processes and transform your risk management into a dynamic activity.
  • • We work with organisations across the globe that have come to trust our services and software
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Dashboards :

• SERMS enable risk to be filtered by risk category and to be presented on a dashboard, making it easy to extract pertinent information from the risk


  • • SERMS is secure and your information is safe
  • • Guaranteed support from our experts
  • • Email alerts are automatically generated

Areas addressed by SERMS:

  • 1. Integrate your risk management systems with strategy and business processes
  • 2. Identify, analyse risk on one platform across the organisation
  • 3. Rate inherent and residual likelihood and impact of risk
  • 4. Carryout root cause analysis
  • 5. Customised reports and dashboards
  • 6. Production of inherent and residual heat maps with real-time data
  • 7. Perform high-level and in-depth risk treatment planning and execution linked to data from the root cause analysis and assigns treatment responsibilities to risk owners
  • 8. Carryout continuous risk monitoring and improve transparency
  • 9. Manage risk mitigations, controls and reviews in an efficient way through visualised risk registers

Databases :

  • • History is kept in one place


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