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We offer advisory services to boards, risk and audit committees and executive risk management committees. Our specialists help clients better understand their risk profiles and strategies needed for tracking and managing risk profiles. Through our advisory services we help boards become better informed on the risks their companies face and strategies used to mitigate threats.

Corporate governance laws require board members and senior executives to have a clear understanding of risks inherent in operations they oversee. Our risk management experts will help you develop an understanding of the methods that can be used to identify exposures, align risk to business models, analyse risk and discuss how information obtained from such an exercise can be used for strategic decision making processes. We help you

  • ➡ analyse risk financing and transfer programs 
  • ➡ design and review risk management functions 
  • ➡ develop risk management manuals 
  • ➡ develop ISO90001:2015 compliant internal control processes
  • ➡ develop and implement Business Continuity Plans 
  • ➡ plan your risk financing solutions
  • ➡ train your board and members of staff 

We provide oversight, design ISO31000/COSO ERM frameworks, implement end-to-end ERM processes, and administer company risk management programs. Starz’s risk professionals will work with your senior managers in creating bespoke risk management strategies, help enhance and mature risk management capabilities, and create competitive advantage through ERM.